Healthee Welcomes Tracy Berwick as Senior Director of TPA Partnerships

Healthee is thrilled to introduce Tracy Berwick as the latest addition to our team, taking on the role of Senior Director of TPA Partnerships. Tracy, a proud Texan who cherishes her family, travel, and interior design, Tracy brings more than three decades of healthcare industry experience to her new role at Healthee.

“I have held diverse leadership roles throughout my career, from managing dental offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to executive positions across various sectors—including large corporations, private firms, and startups,” Tracy shares. “While I have primarily focused on operations, my extensive experience with third-party administrators (TPAs) has equipped me with a deep understanding of their dynamics and needs.”

Joining Healthee’s mission to revolutionize the health benefits experience for American employees, Tracy is eager to use her expertise to foster meaningful collaborations with TPAs, Carriers, Captives, and Healthcare Sharing Ministries (HCSMs).

“Healthee represents a paradigm shift in our approach to healthcare benefits,” she asserts. “Healthee’s revolutionary digital health assistant is a comprehensive solution that tackles many of the persistent challenges within the American healthcare system, such as easy understanding of insured’s plan design and access to pricing in advance of procedures. The reality is stark; with premiums for fully-insured plans soaring to nearly $2,000 monthly per individual, the economic sustainability for employers is simply untenable.”

Tracy’s strategic vision focuses heavily on the integration of Healthee’s solutions within the TPA sector, maximizing their operational efficiency and transparency.

“One significant advantage for TPAs will be the reduction in their call volumes and clear understanding of their health plan,” she explains. “Our app allows members and providers to easily access detailed information about their plans, including costs and quality metrics. This can drastically decrease overhead costs and enhance overall plan performance—essentially, the platform pays for itself while promoting much-needed transparency in pricing.”

She further emphasizes the modern consumer’s expectations for simplicity and convenience, comparable to the user experience offered by leading tech companies.

“Today’s consumers expect to manage their lives through their smartphones, desiring simplicity in all interactions. Unfortunately, healthcare has lagged behind other sectors in this respect, often due to its inherent complexities.”

Guy Benjamin, co-founder and CEO of Healthee, comments, “We are thrilled to have Tracy lead our efforts in the TPA channel. Her expertise and leadership are key to developing crucial partnerships that will drive our mission forward.”

The Healthee team eagerly anticipates the innovative and impactful contributions Tracy will bring as they continue striving to enhance the health and happiness of the American workforce.

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