Healthcare Navigation for PEOs

An AI-Powered
Game Changer

Outperform your competitors. Let Healthee’s AI-powered platform reduce your client’s administrative burden associated with HR management by delivering fast, personalized  responses to employee healthcare benefits.

Professionals looking at laptop screen
Zoe - Healthee’s virtual health assistant

Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction

By Optimizing Benefit Experience

Meet  Zoe, Healthee’s virtual health assistant. Zoe gives real-time personalized answers to  all cost, coverage and care questions, Plus, Healthee’s Plan Comparison Tool provides seamless open enrollment support to boost efficiency while increasing employee satisfaction.

Real healthee stories

How PEOs increase operational efficiency
while providing smarter health care benefits navigation to clients with Healthee

Dominate the
competition with Zoe

Offer a game-changing value-added service to client companies with Healthee’s AI-powered health benefits navigation assistant.

Zoe, the Healthee virtual health assistant

Make open
enrollment a breeze

Healthee’s Plan Comparison Tool allows employees to input potential health scenarios for the future and compare the coverage offered by each plan.

Health insurance comparison screen in Healthee platform

Delight your client’s

By providing employees with price transparency in their health care journeys and guiding them to in-network providers, Healthee optimizes healthcare investments for the company.

TPA professional with graph going up that says "Care Cost Efficiency"

Track employee

Help your clients tailor their services and offerings with valuable insights into employee behavior and preferences.

Healthee dashboard showing employee behavior and tracking of company goals

Boost client

Delight your customer by empowering your clients’ employees to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Display of client satisfaction being boosted overlaying the Healthee brand colors

Save time

Zoe takes care of the admin work, decreasing the amount of tedious and time-consuming benefits-related tasks to free up your employees’ time.

Mobile screen showing Healthee advising user about the next steps for getting knee pain help
Mobile screen showing Healthee chat telling user that they are covered for MRI
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