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01 /06

Healthee’s Plan Comparison Tool allows employees to input potential health scenarios for the future and compare the coverage offered by each plan.

Make open enrollment a breeze

Health insurance comparison screen in Healthee platform
02 /06

Outshine your competitors with Zoe

Offer a game-changing value-added service to client companies with Healthee’s AI-powered health benefits navigation assistant.

Zoe, the Healthee virtual health assistant
03 /06

Delight your client’s CFO

By providing employees with price transparency in their health care journeys and guiding them to in-network providers, Healthee optimizes healthcare investments for the company.

TPA professional with graph going up that says
04 /06

Track employee behavior

Help your clients tailor their services and offerings with valuable insights into employee behavior and preferences.

Healthee dashboard showing employee behavior and tracking of company goals
05 /06

Boost client satisfaction

Delight your customer by empowering your clients’ employees to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Display of client satisfaction being boosted overlaying the Healthee brand colors
06 /06

Save time

Zoe takes care of the admin work, decreasing the amount of tedious and time-consuming benefits-related tasks to free up your employees’ time.

How other key decision makers are leveraging Healthee

Brooklyn Simmons

Gillian Maccarone

HR Administrative Manager

“Healthee empowers our employees to utilize their health benefits and price out health care spending. It adds an additional tool to their arsenal”
Sarah Torpey

Sarah Torpey

HR at Freepoint

“Healthee saves our HR team time and gives us peace of mind – we no longer have to send employees into the frustrating loop of customer service numbers just to have their questions answered”
Lisa Reeves

Lisa Reeves

Chief Product Officer at TriNet

“Understanding the ins and outs of benefits plans can be daunting. Leveraging Healthee’s AI-powered products will allow us to educate and empower our customers like never before. This partnership puts technology directly into the hands of employees, allowing for a better and more informed experience”
Robert Fox

Monica Aharonoff

Operations Manager

“Healthee makes our lives easier by giving our employees guidance through very complex health insurance. Their product is great and the team is amazing”
Inbar Saper

Inbar Saper

HR Business Partner

“Healthee helps our employees understand their health insurance and get answers to their benefits questions instantly, without waiting on hold”

Meet Zoe: An AI Optimized Benefits Expert

Introducing  Zoe, Healthee's virtual healthcare assistant, designed to revolutionize your healthcare management experience. Zoe is here to streamline benefits navigation and provide seamless open enrollment support, offering real-time personalized responses to all cost, coverage, and care questions. With Zoe's assistance, employees can effortlessly find the best treatment options at the most affordable prices. Plus, Healthee's Plan Comparison Tool enhances this experience, boosting efficiency and increasing employee satisfaction, allowing you to focus more on scaling your business.

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