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Healthcare Navigation

Gain an innovative edge and stand out among brokers using Healthee’s AI platform. Harness the power of data to position your clients for success and exceeding their expectations.
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Healthee dashboard showing how many employees have set up their Healthee accounts

AI & health insurance your clients will love

Healthee’s AI-powered platform simplifies health benefits for your clients with user-friendly tools. Elevate plan selection, optimize investments, and skyrocket satisfaction rates — delivering unbeatable value that keeps your clients coming back for more.

Your own brokerage’s AI virtual assistant in healthcare

Empowering brokers with an AI-driven health benefits platform

AI-powered customization

Zoe, our virtual healthcare assistant, tailors solutions to clients’ unique needs

User asking the Healthee app, "I'm pregnant, what am I covered for?"

Seamless enrollment support

Simplify end-to-end enrollment and onboarding for your clients’ employees

Healthee plan comparison tool shows simplified open enrollment management

Real-time analytics​

Leverage up-to-date data for informed decisions and optimized investments

Healthee dashboard shows company trends and tracking of company goals

Stand out from competitors

Offer advanced features like AI health insurance plan comparison and accurate decision support systems powered by Zoe

Healthee healthcare navigation platform shows plan comparison tool

Data-driven wellness tips

Enable employee engagement in health and benefits to make informed decisions with clear, accessible information

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Effortless EoC decoding

Enhance assistance during enrollment with effective EoC document decoding

Onboarding screen of Healthee healthcare navigation platform
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Proven User Satisfaction

Easy Implementation & Engagement

Demonstrated Organizational Benefits

A Human Touch

It's Time For Proactive Healthcare

Healthee offers a comprehensive solution that combines speed, accuracy, and ease of use, making it a favorite among users. By utilizing Healthee, clients can maintain their existing health plans while gaining valuable insights into their benefits usage. This empowers individuals to take control of their well-being, leading to healthier employees and less stressed HR teams. Furthermore, Healthee’s team of human experts is readily available to provide assistance whenever needed, ensuring a seamless experience.

See Healthee in Action

Reach out to learn how Healthee can keep your people healthee and happy.

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