Meet Zoe, Your Personal Health Assistant

June 15, 2022
By Leader’s Edge Magazine
App user meeting Healthee's Zoe, the personal health assistant

You came to the U.S. from Israel and have been open about your personal story trying to understand your then-company’s health benefits. Can you share how that experience put Healthee into motion?

When I first started working in the U.S., after my Air Force career in Israel, I quickly noticed that I and everyone around me at my company was clueless about our health and wellness benefits. Every time I had a question, I was sent by my HR team to a carrier’s call center—it was not the experience I was hoping for as an employee.

This made me think that there has to be a way to harness technology to interact with my health and wellness benefits. It doesn’t make sense that in this day and age we still need to call someone to learn about our health benefits. Together with one of my best friends, Elad [Dr. Elad Ofir, chief data and medical officer, and co-founder], who is a doctor in Israel and saw the same issues there, we decided to create Healthee to focus on helping employees be healthier. Later on, with our core team in place, we were able to raise a $23 million seed round, and the rest is history.

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