Preserving Quality, Cutting Costs: A Healthcare Overhead Case Study

Case Study

Preserving Quality, Cutting Costs: A Healthcare Overhead Case Study

Case Study
A mid-sized e-commerce retention company was looking for ways to reduce their healthcare benefits overhead and curb spend.
But they were wary of cutting healthcare related expenses, fearing it would come at the cost of employee satisfaction and quality of care. By increasing accessibility, benefits literacy, and care avenues, Healthee was able to reduce spend and improve overall employee satisfaction within their benefits experience.

The challenges

Poor benefits selection and difficulty navigating the healthcare system were leading to escalating healthcare costs, lack of decision clarity, low utilization numbers, and general benefits dissatisfaction.

Key objectives

Decrease healthcare overhead while maintaining a high standard of care

Provide a centralized education resource to improve education and engagement

Help employees choose the right plans

Reduce time and resources spend on befits admin

Growth & Impact

In eight months of use

0 %
Of users found a lower cost treatment option
0 %
Of users reported they used telehealth as their initial choice for care
$1- 1 k
Reduction in out-of-pocket costs per employee
0 %
Of employees chose their best-match plan option
0 %
Reduction in claims cost
  • Lower Claims Costs
    Employers experienced a substantial decrease in claims costs as employees made more informed healthcare choices, opted for in-network doctors, and made better benefits selections, resulting in a more efficient use of medical services.
  • Telehealth Savings
    By never billing insurance, Healthee’s virtual care services saved the client $350,000 in just one year, illustrating the powerful potential of virtual healthcare services to reduce costs.
  • Benefits Optimization
    Highlighting plans that best fit employees varied needs, Healthee’s Plan Comparison Tool accounted for an average annual saving of $2,000 per employee.


Healthee’s innovative solutions have proven that it is possible to reduce healthcare costs significantly while enhancing the quality of care and improving access.

By simplifying healthcare decisions, integrating telehealth, and optimizing employee benefits enrollment, Healthee has reshaped the landscape of employee centric healthcare cost management.

Healtheee – where have you been?!
Healthee’s solutions have brought about a profound shift in our healthcare cost management. Healthee’s innovative strategies have demonstrated that fiscal responsibility and quality healthcare can go hand in hand, proving that they are truly pioneers in this arena

Damien W, VP Finance
Healthee app shows the healthcare plan comparison tool
Healthee interface shows MRI Lower Joint option in New York
Healthee app interface shows Dr. Tunizia Ahmed Flowers, MD

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