Optimize your full-service PEO platform with Healthee

Case Study

Optimize your full-service PEO platform with Healthee

Case Study
A seamless integration to optimize the benefit experience

When managing clients’ benefits in today’s complex healthcare landscape, there are numerous roadblocks to operational success. Establishing effective cost containment strategies while improving end users’ healthcare experiences is a tricky balancing act. And it’s one that can feel impossible when left without adequate data analytics to drive effective decision making.

Furthermore, inefficiencies during open enrollment periods can lead to overburdened—and even burnt-out—customer success teams that face high volumes of benefits inquiries. As if this wasn’t enough, the problem is further compounded by frequently low customer satisfaction ratings. This combination of operational challenges and end-user demands makes for a perfect storm that threatens client retention.


What to expect when partnering with Healthee

Here’s an overview of how we’ll work together and build a better benefits solution:
  • Healthee demos proof of concept and builds API integrations

  • PEO team provides baseline data for our AI to digest (including but not limited to eligible plans, plan designs, and employee and dependent data)

  • Healthee teams analyze and maps PEO data

  • Healthee and PEO teams test integration, invite test users, and pilot with select customers

  • Healthee assigns a dedicated customer support team for each PEO partner and provides 24/7 support for them and their members year-round.

  • Healthee procedurally onboards more of the PEO’s customers

  • Healthee gathers data-driven, actionable insights for PEO team to share with customers


Expand your platform with Healthee

A partnership with Healthee has allowed other PEOs to educate and empower their customers like never before, putting technology directly into the employers’ hands. Since partnering with us, these organizations have seen 70% reduction in calls related to open enrollment and health benefits, increase in customer satisfaction, reduction in customer churn, and increase in percent of deals closed.

Provide technology for your customers to simplify and improve the employee benefits experience

Partnering with Healthee will enhance your platform by providing a one-stop shop for all health care needs, including personalized plan recommendations, coverage information, cost comparisons, and access to a personal health assistant named Zoe.

Provide your customers with real-time data for cost containment strategies

Healthee – where have you been?!

“Understanding the ins and outs of benefits plans can be daunting. Leveraging Healthee’s AI-powered products will allow us to educate and empower our customers like never before. This partnership puts technology directly into the hands of employees, allowing for a better and more informed experience.”

Lisa Reeves, Chief Product Officer, TriNet

See Healthee in Action

Reach out to learn how Healthee can keep your people healthee and happy.

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